Living and Dying Well

Our Circuit's 'Living and Dying Well' series looks at issues around how we can live and, eventually, die well in our contemporary society. Sessions take place on Wednesdays at Ealing Green Church at 2.00pm and last about 90 minutes.

Ealing Green Church is on Ealing Green, London W5 5QT

Forthcoming sessions during 2018 

28 March             Deacons Ramona Samuel and Lemia Nkwelah and Penny Pedley

                                                                      A 'Café Style' session on 'Suffering'                  


25 April                To be announced.


23 May                 Rev Steve Morris               Loneliness


27 June                To be announced

Some thoughts on the spiritual needs of the dying, submitted by Rev Pat Wright from a visit to Swaziland -

      1.  To find a meaning in life.

      2.  To search and question.

      3.  To be listened to with respect.

      4.  To be answered with honesty.

      5.  To be loved and accepted.

      6.  To love, to be needed, to give.

      7.  To have a guide and companion.

      8.  To have the opportunity to grow.

      9.  To have food for the journey.

     10. To travel in hope.