Summer Service Series 2016

Welcome to our Summer Service Series 2016 'Singing the Blues'.

In 2016 the Summer Series focused on' lament'. These services were inspired by the Psalms of Lament in the Bible and by the Blues music of the USA and beyond. Lament is a vital but often ignored or dismissed part of spiritual life. It is the grit in the oyster that enables the true treasure to grow.

It enables us to approach God honestly rather than attempting to hide or deny the things that trouble us.

It enables us to change and grow as God’s people and to challenge and work for the world to grow as God’s kingdom.

It enables us to praise God with open and honest lips rather than gritted and resentful teeth.

Walter Brueggemann calls Psalms of Lament 'Psalms of Disorientation' because they arise from times when we no longer feel at home in our world or our lives, when we feel alienated from ourselves, others and God. This disorientation causes us to look realistically at how we and the world are, to mourn all that is wrong and to wonder if God is present. We then place this mourning inside God’s Word which shows a God who also mourns. This enables an assurance of God’s presence which causes us to move to thanksgiving and praise while still acknowledging our grief. It also inspires s to work to transform the world to God’s Kingdom.

And so we find ourselves at home once more - not the same as the home we left but a new home and we to are not the same but ‘changed from glory into glory’.

And so in this new home we feel that grit once more, as we are faced with fresh needs for lament and all begins again…

The series ran from Sunday 24th July to Sunday 28th August.

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You can download materials for each week by clicking on the links below.

Introductory letter 
Weekly Service Booklet

Week 1: Sunday 24th July
Preacher's/Leader's Notes​ Week 1
Congregational Sheet Week 1

Week 2: Sunday 31st July
Preacher's/Leader's Notes Week 2
Congregational Sheet Week 2

Week 3: Sunday 7th August
Preacher's/Leader's Notes Week 3
Congregational Sheet Week 3

Week 4: Sunday 14th August
P​reacher's/Leader's Notes Week 4
Congregational Sheet Week 4

Week 5: Sunday 21st August
Preacher's/Leader's Notes Week 5
Congregational Sheet Week 5

Week 6: Sunday 28th August
Preacher's/Leader's Notes Week 6
Congregational Sheet Week 6

The Sermons
Click here to download a booklet containing the sermons from the series.