Holy Week in Holiday Snaps

An album of photos relating to Holy Week taken by Gerald BartonĀ© while on holiday.

There are 29 photos for this gallery.
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Christ taken down from the cross - Lodi Cathedral, Italy The Harrowing of Hell - fresco in S Saviour, Istanbul, Turkey The Harrowing of Hell, mosaic in Dafni Monastery, Athens, Greece
The Resurrection by Floriano Ferramoia - S Maria in Solario, Brescia, Italy The Resurrection - fresco in the Kremlin, Rostov Velikiy, Russia The women at the tomb - capital in the cloister at Monreale, Sicily
'Noli me tangere' detail from icon by Michael Damaskenos, Crete Christ is Risen - Russian Orthodox Church decorated for Easter, Samarkand, Uzbekistan  
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