Prayer Requests

People from the Ealing Trinity Circuit are invited to submit requests for prayer for inclusion on this page. Requests should be sent to Where requests are made for particular individuals please include confirmation that the person or their family has given their permission for their name to be included on this page.


To you, O Lord, I lift my soul; in you I trust, O my God.   Psalm 25 vv 1-2


Your prayers are asked for the following:

We offer our prayers for all the NHS staff and other health workers who have died while courageously caring for those who were seriously ill during this pandemic. We pray for their friends and families whose pain and grief we can barely imagine.   (Added 14/05/20)

Those of us who live alone.  While many are normally quite happy with this situation, we are not in normal circumstances.  We face the weeks turning into months without sharing a meal with another person, or watching T.V. or a film with a friend, to say nothing of not being able to give or receive a hug.  Easter was particularly difficult as many of us would usually see members of our biological families and the wider church family, as well as Christians from our individual churches.   (Added 30/04/20)

People and families living in cramped conditions especially where there are tensions between family members.   (Added 28/04/20)

Please pray for refugees and migrants stuck in camps and places where conditions are cramped and health care is at best rudimentary. In particular pray for the people of Yemen and the refugees and migrants in camps in Greece and Turkey and Rohingya in camps in Bangladesh all of whom are particularly vulnerable to the spread of the coronavirus.   (Added 28/04/20).

Our political leaders and civil servants grappling with working out how to ease the lock-down. Grant them wisdom and courage.   (Added 28/04/20)

A member of one of our congregations who is returning to work having recovered fron Covid-19.
   (Added 28/04/20)

For the funerals taking place shortly of members who have died, and also for those who mourn.
   (Added 28/04/20)


 We give thanks for:

We give thanks to God for sparing the life of our cousin Eddie who had a very difficult time in hospital with Covid-19. We are especially grateful to the doctors and nurses who cared for him during his four weeks hospitalization, part of which was in the ICU. We and he are immensely happy that he is now at home getting stronger and stronger every day and being very appreciative of all that he can now truly value and enjoy.   (Added 14/05/20)


The love, care and dedication of all the people working so hard in the NHS and care homes to keep us and our loved ones safe during the pandemic. Also, give thanks and pray for all the other people continuing to work to support our daily lives - transport workers, postal staff, utility workers, refuse collectors and many others.   (Added 28/04/20)