Summer Service Series

Welcome to Ealing Trinity Circuit's Summer Service Series for 2015, “Storms and Picnics”! The series started on Sunday 26th July and ran to Sunday 30th August. Although the Summer has now passed, we are leaving the page open as others may find it useful.

This year we focussed on the 6th Chapter of John’s Gospel which has:

  • Jesus taking a young boy’s picnic to feed the crowd;

  • the disciples impatiently and impetuously taking off on an evening journey across the lake and ending up terrified by a storm which Jesus calms after walking across the water towards them;

  • long conversations about what the sign (miracle) of the feeding may mean and how Jesus is the Bread of life.

We hope you’ll find these services helpful.  They are intended as a gift ready to be used as they are with just a couple of decisions to be made.

Each weeks service follows the same pattern with the same wording for prayers to encourage familiarity and a greater depth of engagement.  It would be great if churches, worship leaders and preachers could follow this through the series.

At the end of each service it is hoped that a loaf of bread will be broken and shared as a symbol of God’s feeding and equipping us for our discipleship.  This should happen during the blessing.

You can download the orders of service by clicking on the links below. These give the order of service for each week and a link to the painting used in the service. Sermons for each week will be added shortly.

Wishing you blessing and fun as we chew on God’s word together!


Download General Background Letter


Download Week 1 Order of Service 26th July

Download Week 1 Sermon


Download Week 2 Order of Service 2nd August

Download Week 2 Sermon


Download Week 3 Order of Service 9th August

Download Week 3 Sermon


Download Week 4 Order of Service 16th August

Download Week 4 Sermon


Download Week 5 Order of Service 23rd August

Download Week 5 Sermon


Download Week 6 Order of Service 30th August

Download Week 6 Sermon